• Independent Reading:
    Independent reading time is a time when students read text (either self selected or teacher recommended) at their independent reading level to practice reading strategies, develop fluency and automaticity. The teacher confers with students one-on-one and prompts the use of strategies, discusses various aspects of the text, and learns about each student as a reader. Students may respond to the text in meaningful ways through writing, discussing, or sketching.  
    • Student chooses any book to read
    • Teacher may guide the selection
    • Daily time to read, 30 minutes or more
    • Excellent classroom library and is essential
    • Students reads mostly "just-right" books
    • Teacher monitors comprehension
    • Student keeps a reading record
    • Teaching occurs during a conference
    • Teacher and student set reading goals
    Strategies for students to use when reading:
    • Try using the strategies that have been taught in class.
    • Notice how the character is behaving and what makes him or her behave that way (for fiction).
    • Visualize a setting the author describes.
    • Make a connection to your life.
    • Reread when you lose meaning.
    • Use what you already know to figure out a word means.
    • Notice how an illustration or visual helps your understanding.