• Independent Writing:
    Independent writing provides students with the consistent opportunity to apply and practice the skills already introduced. Independent writing cultivate student's love and comfort with writing on their own level and builds confidence as a writer. Independent writing strengthens story structure, develops understanding of uses of writing, supports reading development, provides practices in different types of writing and develops understanding of writing as a recursive process.  
    Why Writer's Workshop:
    • Creates an environment where students can acquire skills along with fluency, confidence, and a desire to see themselves as writers.
    • Is a generative time of the day, with students actively involved in creating their own text.
    • It allows the students to be in charge, which requires the teacher to engage in responsive teaching rather than relying on preset lessons. 
    • Is a rigorous learning environment that has its roots in the traditional system.
    • Puts students on the spot and makes them responsible for their learning. 
    • Created an environment where students of varying abilities coexist side by side and learn from one another. 
    • a sense of self as writer's, as well as personal writing processes that works for them 
    • a way of reading the world like writer's, collecting ideas with variety, volume, and thoughtfulness
    • a sense of thoughtful, deliberate purpose about their work as writers, and a willingness, to linger with those purposes
    • members of a responsive, literate community
    • ways of reading text like writers, developing, a sense of craft, genre and form in writing
    • a sense of audience, and an understanding of how to prepare writing to go into the world.