• Why is randomization important?

    Randomization is an important teaching tool for any classroom. We all have students that are extroverts and eager to respond. We also have students that are shy and reluctant to raise their hand and participate. Without randomization techniques your quiet students might be left behind and you will miss gaining valuable feedback. Every child should be potentially assessed during your lesson. If you begin using randomization techniques as a norm in your classroom you will create a standard and an increased level of awareness and content retention with your students. Once students begin to realize that they may be called on at any given moment they generally will actively improve their levels of awareness and interest.

    Be sure to provide plenty of positive praise and encouragement for all students, especially those that are characteristically reluctant to participate. Once students realize what is expected of them they will gain confidence with each random question that is asked and completed. Maintaining this level of standard will help promote academic growth in your content area.

    Randomization in the Classroom:  Watch this...