• What is a classroom learning station?

    A classroom learning station is a designated place in a classroom where students complete an educational task. This could be a computer, where students are asked to Google a topic. This could be a table where historical objects are on display for examination.  This could be a boombox where students listen to music from a particular time period.

    How do classroom learning stations work?

    The teacher divides the class into groups or partners, with between 2 and 4 students in each team.  Each team is assigned a folder of some sort for collecting and logging the team's work.  The team then begins going from one station to another until all of the stations are completed.

    What kinds of students benefit from classroom learning stations?

    Classroom learning stations are designed to benefit all kinds of learners, with all sorts of multiple intelligences.
    The following websites are a great resource and include several downloads that are available: