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    Art 1, Advanced 2,3, & 4 Ceramics
    Art 1, Advanced 2, 3, & 4 Painting
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    Course Descriptions
    Art I                                                Grades 9-12 Credit 1.0
    Class includes development of two-dimensional projects using pencils, markers, pastels, crayons, and water-based paint for a variety of techniques and interpretation /evaluation of the student’s own artworks and those of others. Using elements and principles of design, students analyze affects on daily life. Investigation of selected historical periods and styles from several cultures is included as well as the investigation of career opportunities available to persons who become highly skilled in art and design.

    Art II – Painting PR Art I                  Grades 10-12 Credit 1.0
    Building on the skills learned in Art I, Painting II students use sketchbook ideas to express personal themes and visual investigations in paintings. Students create original paintings with various techniques and media. They investigate historical art periods and styles while critiquing their paintings and those from selected periods. They become aware of career opportunities in the visual art field. During the school year students will select paintings to exhibit.

    Art II – Ceramics PR Art I                 Grades 10-12 Credit 1.0
    This course introduces students to art through the use of clay. Students construct original ceramic pieces through basic construction methods. Students learn various glazing and staining processes for surface design. Students view reproduction prints, periodical books, and original works in museums, galleries, or on the Internet to investigate historical periods. Students maintain a sketchbook, critique their work and analyze and compare design trends.

    Art III – Painting (PR 75 Avg in Art II Painting)                         Grades 11-12 Credit 1.0
    Students identify sources for their works by examining physical, emotional, social, and political environments. Ideas will be recorded in a sketchbook for use in the studio. Students create original paintings using various techniques and media and will experiment with color while exploring the intimacy of small works and the demands of large pieces. Students will independently investigate a period, style, or movement in art and identify cultural, historical, and political influences. A portfolio will be prepared for documentation, competition, entrance into post-secondary education, or scholarship application.

    Art III – Ceramics    (PR 75 Avg in Art II Ceramics)        
    Grades 11-12 Credit 1.0 
    Students incorporate a variety of methods and techniques to construct original ceramic pieces.Students learn various glazing and staining processes for surface design. Students study historical periods and other cultures to identify the types of ceramics produced. Students will keep a sketchbook of ideas and documentation pieces throughout the process and will evaluate the finished pieces.

    Art IV – Painting  (PR 75 Avg in Art III Painting)                         Grade 12 Credit 1.0
    Students develop themes and individual styles in personal artworks. Students will create original paintings in their own styles, developing themes ranging from objective to non-objective images. Students investigate
    setting up their own studios and marketing their work. Students design and install solo and group senior exhibits.

    Art IV – Ceramics  (PR 75 Avg in Art III Painting)                       Grade 12 Credit 1.0
    Students develop themes and individual styles for their personal artworks in clay. They record ideas, research, work with glazes and document their work through the use of sketchbooks and/or journals. Students incorporate a variety of design methods and firing methods, with a combination of construction methods into their work. Students are required to exhibit their work at the end of the term.

    AP Studio Art (PR 75 Avg in Art III)              Grade 12 Credit 1.0
    This course is for exceptional students who are capable of working at an accelerated pace. Students may work on a personal portfolio to be examined at the state level for possible college credit and opportunities for scholarships. Only serious students will be considered for this self-paced class that will allow students to pursue areas of interest in all media and develop areas of talent resulting in a 40-piece portfolio in 2-D Design, 3-D Design, or Drawing. Students will be encouraged to take the AP exam.