Last Name First name Title Phone Email
Director for Media & Communication Services 806.293.6103
Alcala Daphne Accounting Clerk 80.293.6166
Alcozer Deborah Special Programs Instructional Coordinator 806.293.6149
Bailey Curtis Campus Tech/District IMA Coordinator 806.293.6106
Banda Diana Secretary to the Director for Student Support Services 806.293.6090
Barrios Mirayah Secretary to the Executive Director for Business & Financial Services 806.293.6065
Brown Greg Executive Director for Administrative Services 806.293.6154
Burke Rick Director for Maintenance & Custodial Services 806.293.6070
Burns Theressa Benefits & Leave Specialist 806.293.6134
Carter Alissa Advanced Academic Services / Instructional Technology Coordinator 806.293.6142
Chapa Doris Financial Compliance Officer 806.293.6168
Coats Lorrie Director of Transportation for First Student 806.293.8893
Crawford Beverly Purchasing Clerk 806.293.6163
de la Fuente Sarah Human Resourcs Services Compliance Specalist 806.293.6141
De La Garza Jeff Associate Director for Student Support Services 806.293.6114
Ditmore Ted Skyward Support 806.293.6108
Dunlap Becca Purchasing Manager 806..293.6163
Fitzgerald Daniel Instructional Services Coordinator-Secondary 806.293.6157
Flippin Susan District Librarian 806.293.6144
Flores Anita NGS / Migrant Services Coordinator 806. 293.6146
Gamez JoAnn Personnel Information and Records Specialist 806.293.6140
Garcia Edna Director for Federal & Student Academic Services 806.293.6187
Garcia Rick Executive Director for Ancillary Services 806.293.6065
Garrett Katrina Instructional Services Coordinator-Elementary 806.293.6188
Isaguirre Cynthia Migrant NGS Specialist 806.293.6190