• Department Overview

    HR Services
    JoAnn Gamez email  
    Personnel Information & Records Specialist
    Theressa Burns email
    Benefits &
    Leave Specialist     
    Sarah de la Fuente email       Compliance Specialist    
    Brandy Merrick      email       Executive Director        
    Kym Norrell email  
    Payroll Specialist        

    The Human Resource Services Department strives to recruit, hire, and retain the most effective employees to educate and serve our students in achieving success.


    The Human Resource Services Department staff understands the diversity of our customers, whether employees, applicants, retirees, parents, agencies, businesses or interested citizens. The staff is committed to providing exceptional customer service through effective communication, streamlined processes, and response to customer needs.


    Responsibilities of the Department include facilitating and administering: the recruitment and hiring process; personnel records management; and the District’s compensation plan.