• Hello! My name is Ryan Green and I am currently in my eighth year of teaching, all of which have been at Plainview High School. In my time at Plainview, I have taught World History, Pre-AP World History, US History, AP US History, and Remedial US History. In addition to teaching, I have helped serve on various committees at PHS, I have worked with the Student Council, and I am currently the Social Studies department leader. I hold a BSIS degree in secondary eudcation (Lubbock Christian University, 2010) and an MEd in educational leadership (Lubbock Christian University, 2015). In my spare time, I'm either vacationing with friends in Austin (probably at the LBJ Library, working at Mountain View Christian Camp in Ruidoso, reading a new book, recording a Praise and Harmony album with several fellow Christian brothers and sisters, or playing music on the piano.


    If you ever have any questions about your progress in class (or if you have questions about your child's progress), please do not hesitate to e-mail and ask! I can be reached at: I will respond as quickly as possible. In addition to e-mail, check Google Classroom (students will be provided access), or sign up for Remind101 (instructions will be sent out soon).


    Mr. Green's 2018-2019 Schedule

    First Period (8:05-8:53): Conference

    Second Period (8:57-9:45): AP US History

    Third Period (9:49-10:37): PLC Planning Time

    Fourth Period (10:41-11:29): US History

    TCB (11:29-11:57): Tutorials Time

    Sixth Period (12:31-1:19): US History

    Seventh Period (1:23-2:11): Department Leader

    Eighth Period (2:15-3:03): US History

    Ninth Period (3:07-3:55): US History


    Tutoring is available during TCB, before school and after school.



Mr. Green
Room 110