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    ACE Program - Afterschool Centers on Education


    Estacado Middle School and Thunderbird Elementary has received a federal grant that is administered by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Programming will be facilitated through “ACE”, which stands for Afterschool Centers on Education. The grant is designed to offer an enriched portfolio of activities for students and their families at NO COST to participants.

    The ACE program provides extended learning opportunities for children and their families and offers innovative, hands-on activities that reinforce and complement students’ regular academic programs. These before and after school activities are based on research and best practices and include academic enrichment, challenging curriculum, tutorial services. ACE strives to increase promotion and graduation rates and helps students prepare for collage and the workplace.

    The ACE program strives to improve:

    • Academics
    • Attendance
    • Behavior
    • Promotion rates
    • Graduation rates
    • College and career readiness


    Program Contacts: 

    Elena Azua
    ACE-CIS-Campus Coordinator

    Estacado Middle School
    2200 W. 20th St.
    Plainview Texas 79072
    806-293-6015 Ext. 514

    Denise Bocanergra
    ACE-CIS-Campus Coordinator

    Thunderbird Elementary
    1200 W. 32nd St.
    Plainview Texas 79072