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Plainview ISD announces 2017 - 2018 Years of Service Awards


Service Department

Plainview ISD Service Department secretary Julie Rincon delivers years of service gifts to Charles Mooney (left), 10 years; Wesly Woods, 15 years; Fred Sepeda, 20 years, and Scott Voyles, 20 years. 

Plainview ISD announces 2017-2018 Years of Service Awards

Plainview ISD Human Resource Services Department spent a few days recently delivering awards to employees being recognized for years of service as the 2017-2018 school year nears completion. 

Sixty-eight employees were honored with small gifts of appreciation for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years with the district.

Those recognized for long-term service include:

10 Years of service: Deborah Alcozer, Diana Banda, Sonja Barton, Jacob Bentley, Leslie Daugherty, Brittany Douglas, Amanda Garza, Judy King, Jodie LaFrance, Luis Lopez, Charles Mooney, Marcelina Nava, Maria Salinas, Diana Solano, Jennifer Stephenson, Drew Thompson, Sarah Williams, Jay Jay Wiseman and Nancy Wood.

15 Years of service:  Elvia Casillas, Doris Chapa, Gwen Crawford, Michelle Daily-Villegas, Becca Dunlap, Benjy Foster, Rebecca Gallardo, Josephine Garcia, Varie Gomez, Amy Hagerman, Torri Hatch, Virginia Leal, Kimberly Lee, Valerie Livesay, Leticia Lopez, Libby Martinez, Darla Newland, Olga Samarripa, Dina Savage, Whitney Schafer,  Donna Stanfield, Brandy Tirey, and Wesly Woods.

20 years of service: Angela Clawson, Norma Cruz, Wistie Ellis, Dana Griggs, Jane Hobgood, Laura Larralde, Brandy Merrick, Lynda Reagan, Dalia Rivera, Christina Salazar, Charlotte Sjogren, Freddy Sepeda, and Scott Voyles.

25 Years of service: Glenna Butler, Melba Herrera, Johnny Hill, Jamie Junod, Sandra Pardo, Desiree Richardson, Stephanie Woods, and Vickie Young.

30 years of service: Lucy Aguilera, Susan Flippin, Leon Hagerman, Kym Norrell and Carmen Perez.

35 Years of service: Sharon Wright.