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Breakfast honors graduates, inspiring teachers

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Breakfast honors graduates, inspiring teachers


Fifty-four honor graduates of the Plainview High School Class of 2018 were celebrated on May 22 with an Honor Graduate Breakfast at the First United Methodist Church.

PHS counselor Courtney Wood welcomed the graduates, their parents, and honored guests.

Sharon Wright, Executive Director for Curriculum and Instructional Services, gave the invocation.

Guest speaker, Greg Brown, Director for Administrative Services, spoke to the graduates in words empowered by the PHS school song.

“All of you wherever you go are taking the best academic preparation we can give you. That’s a good thing because wherever you land, you are going to need it. You will find your next steps challenging, but I also believe you are ready for it. Wherever you go, you are taking your identity as a Bulldog and because you are a Bulldog, you have lived under the expectation, as our school song says, that you will fight for honor and you will force your strongest foes to yield. You are taking with you the character of a Plainview ISD graduate who knows how to be respectful in honoring those who lead, who understands the importance of following through and finishing well, who has lived in a culture where success is expected and therefore comes to pass more often than not.”

“You are also taking the grit and determination of those pioneers who came to the panhandle of Texas and choose to settle and make a go of it in a place where the elements didn’t line up to make things easy. Because of their fortitude and stubbornness they made homes, farms and communities in places where others thought it impossible. These things, honor grads, are your heritage. They are character traits that travel with you simply because you came from Plainview High School. These character traits are not that common. You will not find respectfulness in every person that you meet. You will not often find others who work hard and finish well.  And you will find more people that will throw in the towel when they experience a little adversity that those who dig in, set their face against the adversity and conquer it.”

“If you will hold fast to the character that has been instilled in you as a student at Plainview ISD, you will succeed where others don’t. You will rise above the pack and distinguish yourself as a valuable teammate, employee and friend. Because you are a bulldog, you carry that ability with you and I for one and the teachers sitting beside you are cheering for you and supporting you as you take your next step. So regardless of where your next step is, carry that Bulldog spirit and wherever you go, keep your warrior shield held tightly in your heart and let the name of Plainview High blaze on.“

Congratulatory remarks were made by PHS principal Brandt Reagan and Alissa Carter, Advanced Academic Services Coordinator.

As part of the celebration, each graduate invited his or her most influential educator as an honored guest.

Honor graduates and their most influential educator include:

  • Dylan Beck, son of John and Stacy Allen; honored guest: Matt Figueredo
  • Jayden Brush, daughter of Berry and Angie Brush; honored guest: Enrique Villa
  • Allison Carson, daughter of Mike Carson and Stacy Carson; honored guest: Chelsea Hatch
  • Madison Carson, daughter of Mike Carson and Stacy Carson; honored guest: Michael Dawson
  • Erick Castillo, son of Victor Rodriguez and Rosalinda Vasquez; honored guest: Adeela Harrell
  • Isabel Castillo, daughter of Claudia Olivas; honored guest: Jennifer Scarborough
  • Gabriel Castro, son of Margarito and Liza Hernandez; honored guest: Greg Reinhart
  • John Patrick Ceniseros, son of Oscar and Rosalie Longoria; honored guest: Katherine Ziegler
  • Kimberly Cervera, daughter of Jose and Dulce Cervera; honored guest: Mandy Steen
  • Erica Chavez, daughter of Lupe and Benita Chavez; honored guest: Kami Carnell
  • Emily Collins, daughter of Perry and Cassie Collins; honored guest: Jodie LaFrance
  • Liberty Crawford, daughter of Dusty and Beverly Crawford; honored guest: Benjy Foster
  • Crusita Cruz-Chavez, daughter of Israel Cruz and Angela Chavez; honored guest: Mandy Steen
  • Larissa DeLaRosa, daughter of Cody DeLaRosa and Laura Juarez; honored guest: Greg Reinhart
  • Ingrid De Santiago, daughter of Patricio and Margarita De Santiago; honored guest: Tracy Dawson
  • Anastasia Espinosa, daughter of Julio and Abby Espinosa; honored guest: Kristine Jernigan
  • Fernando Flores, son of Eleazar and Rosa Flores; honored guest: Anthony Gonzales
  • Emily Franklin, daughter of Scott and Lori Franklin; honored guest: Mary True
  • Alberto Garcia, son of Alejandro and Evelia Garcia; honored guest: Sue Villarreal
  • Andres Garcia, son of Gerardo and Eva Garcia; honored guest: Tracey Wirth
  • Diego Garcia, son of Joe and Anita Garcia; honored guest: Adeela Harrell
  • Harlie Garcia, daughter of Robert and Candi Garcia; honored guest: David Martinez
  • Lori Gauntt, daughter of Steve and Angie Gauntt; honored guest: Kylie Van Pelt
  • Samantha Gonzales, daughter of Joe and Ninfa Gonzales; honored guest: Virginia Malone
  • Jorge Gonzales, son of Lydia Carmona; honored guest: Lori Franklin
  • Gilbert Gutierrez, son of Mary Gutierrez; honored guest: Victoria Rios
  • Carson Hauk, son of Darryl and Megan Lanning; honored guest: Jennifer Castaneda
  • Andre Hernandez, son of Miguel and Lourdes Hernandez; honored guest: Adeela Harrell
  • Lucy Hernandez, daughter of Fernando and Lucia Hernandez; honored guest: Rigo Rey
  • Luis Hernandez, son of Gustavo and Alicia Hernandez; honored guest: Mandy Steen
  • Samantha Hernandez, daughter of Norma Cruz; honored guest: Tracy Abbott
  • Kit Kingston, son of Alex and Cynthia Kingston; honored guest: Jennifer Riley
  • Sage Landeros, daughter of Charles and Joy Landeros; honored guest: John Jones
  • Brianna Ledesma, daughter of Aureliano and Marcelina Guzman; honored guest: Toy Long
  • Katie Mahagan, daughter of Mark and Gretchen Mahagan; honored guest: Chelsea Hatch
  • Pedro Mariscal, son of Juan and Matilda Mariscal; honored guest: Daniel Fitzgerald
  • Zachary McDonough, son of Doug and Brenda McDonough; honored guest: Michael Dawson
  • Isaac McMickings, son of William and Deliza McMickings; honored guest: Mandy Steen
  • Milly Meza, daughter of Pablo and Maria Meza; honored guest: Lesle Carlisle
  • Tomi Moralez, daughter of Manuel and Anita Moralez; honored guest: Daniel Fitgerald
  • Mahogany Nails, daughter of Damien and Belinda Nails; honored guest: Sarah Wallace
  • Sydney Nevares, daughter of Robert and Barbara Nevares; honored guest: Enrique Villa
  • Lauren Pardo, daughter of Robert and Yesenia Pardo; honored guest: Amanda Martin
  • Trey Perez, son of Carlos Perez and Tonya Hardin; honored guest: Gwen Crawford
  • Jimmy Phan, sonr of Nhung Phan; honored guest: Jennifer Scarborough
  • Lauren Pritchard, daughter of Brandon and Shanna Pritchard; honored guest: Tracy Dawson
  • Edgar Quiroga, son of Maria Cervantes; honored guest: Martha Carr
  • Kristan Rincon, daughter of Edward and Vannesa Rincon; honored guest: Konnie Schafer
  • Allyson Solis, daughter of Daisy Hinojos; honored guest: Dr. Debra Buford
  • Christian Switzenburg, honored guest: Jennifer Riley
  • Sawyer Tirey, daughter of Jim and Brandy Tirey; honored guest: Jennifer Riley
  • Morgan Valadez,  daughter of Horacio and Maria Valadez; honored guest: Lesle Carlisle
  • McKinley Whalen, daughter of Darren and Shayla Whalen; honored guest: Mary True
  • Dylana Williams, daughter of Larry and Nickie Williams; honored guest: Jennifer Scarborough

The breakfast was hosted by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.