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Plainview ISD announces 2017-2018 retirees


Plainview High School honored retiring educators Lesle Carlisle (left), Brenda McDonough, and Malinda Gerber with a retirement reception on Wednesday afternoon.

Plainview ISD announces 2017-2018 retirees 


As the 2017 -2018 school year comes to an end, Plainview ISD celebrates the careers of twenty long-term employees who elected to retire during or at the end of this school year. 

This year’s retirees are:

Lesle Carlisle is retiring from 35 years as an educator. She worked for two years as a substitute physical education teacher before joining PHS. She taught Family Consumer Science within the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. She served as CTE department chair, NTHS sponsor and FCCLA sponsor. She also served on numerous committees including a 31-year stint on the School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC).  Her retirement plans include traveling fishing, and spending more time with her family.  Her words of wisdom to new teachers: “Have a passion for teaching and  for the kids you teach!  Always remember why you do what you do, because when things get tough, that’s what keeps you going.  Surround yourself with positive people and people that love their kids as much as you do.”

Elizabeth Hernandez Is retiring from the position of school counselor at Hillcrest Elementary.  She has been an educator for 18 years and has taught bilingual pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade.  Before becoming an educator, she did clerical work for a bank, the City of Garland, and in Deaf Smith County.  An eight-year stint as an assistant at a Montessori school brought her to the realization that she wanted to become a teacher. Her plans for retirement are to sleep in, get caught up on gardening, and see where God leads her.  Her words of wisdom: “ Teach with Passion and Compassion.  Don’t get so caught up in teaching that you fail to take time to get to really know your students. They have a story to tell.  Try to uncover your students’ hidden talents, passions and help them believe they are capable of anything.” 

Pat Hill is retiring from a 31-year career in education, 28 of those years at Edgemere Elementary.  Prior to her current position teaching second grade, she taught dyslexia, Chapter 1/Migrant, third grade math, and worked three years as a Thunderbird Elementary paraprofessional.  She plans to spend more time with her grandchildren and to de-clutter her house after retiring. Her words of wisdom to new teachers: “Turn to God when times are tough. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or  for help. Be flexible.”

Rebecca Hilliard devoted a total of 19 years to the district,  the last 14 years to teaching  6th, 7th, and 8th grade science at Coronado.  She was the head of the science department for three years and on the PBIS committee for four years. She has also worked with UIL science and math and the National Honor Society.  Prior to becoming a teacher, she worked as a teaching assistant for  three years and substitute taught for two years.  She hopes to have greater opportunities to travel in retirement.  Her words of wisdom to new teachers:  “It is a profession worth doing.  You will make a difference!”

Brenda McDonough is completing a career of 32 years as an educator, 27 of those years with Plainview ISD. She began her career as an English teacher at Crosbyton Junior High. She taught keyboarding briefly at Plainview High School, but devoted most of her career to teaching on-level and pre-AP English II at Plainview High School. Her retirement plans are to clean out closets and organize her home. She also hopes to do some traveling with her recently retired husband, former Plainview Herald editor Doug McDonough.  Her words of encouragement to new teachers: “I strongly suggest to new teachers to be organized.  This will make your teaching life much easier.  Be dedicated.  Teaching is not an easy job, but our kids deserve for us to be dedicated to this profession. “

Marcie Owens is retiring from a 22-year career with Plainview ISD. She began her career as an English teacher at Estacado Junior High. She accepted the position of counselor at Plainview High School in 1999, moving to the counselor’s position at Estacado Middle School in 2010. Her retirement plans include spending  more unhurried time with her grandchildren, reading through a long list of books, working in her garden, and traveling.  She and her husband already have a trip to  New England planned to enjoy the fall foliage.

Maria Pena, is retiring from a 22-year career as a middle school math teacher.  She taught 17 years at Coronado Middle School where she also served as a department head and team leader. She moved to Estacado as a 7th grade math teacher five years ago.  Education was her second career; she was a secretary at a CPA firm before deciding to become a teacher.  Her retirement plans are to spend time with her granddaughter and care for her mother and mother-in-law.  Her words of wisdom to new teachers: “Teaching is a calling that requires patience and love.   It is the most rewarding career because you truly inspire others to do the same.” 

Carmen Perez is retiring as a 30-year career educator, all those years with the Plainview ISD. She spent 6 years as an assistant physical education coach at College Hill, 20 years as a bilingual kindergarten teacher at Highland, and 4 years as a bilingual pre-kindergarten teacher at La Mesa Elementary. 

Bruce Sandlin retired from a 15-year career with the district as the HVAC technician. During his employment, he was responsible for the heating /cooling equipment district-wide and the refrigeration equipment for Aramark.  Prior to joining the district, he spent 31 years performing the same type of work for Williams Sheet Metal, Allsups, and Honeywell.  His retirement plans are to  enjoy more free time while managing his rental property.  He also says he plans to have a double knee replacement, necessary due to too many years climbing ladders.  Bruce’s wife, Karen, is also retiring. They say they have appreciated their careers in Plainview ISD and the friendships they have formed through the years.

Karen Sandlin retired earlier this year from the position of district student records clerk at the Technology Center, completing a 27-year career with the district. Her other positions in the district include secretary to the principal at Ash 6th Grade Learning Center, secretary to the registrar at PHS, registrar at PHS, secretary to the assistant superintendent, secretary to the director of curriculum and instruction.  Her retirement plans are to travel, spend time with family, NOT set an alarm clock and count her blessings. She says, “It wasn’t until working for Plainview ISD that I truly saw the dedication of all who come into contact with our students. I have witnessed many moments of compassion and caring that are not covered by any job description from the custodians, maintenance workers, teachers, assistance, secretaries – truly all employees.  I am truly blessed to have worked with so many wonderful people.”

Jan Seago is retiring from the position of director of media and communications, ending a 27-year career as an educator.  She began her career at Hillcrest Elementary where she taught reading and first grade for 13 years.  She later worked as  the district grant writer, instructional technologist, and school information specialist before taking her current position.  Her retirement plan is to spend time doing the things that tug at her heart, at the top of that list is time with her four grandsons and a fifth grandson expected in September. Her words of wisdom; “Find ways each day to be kind…to your students, to your coworkers, to strangers you meet by chance, and to yourself. Kindness is the greatest wisdom anyone ever attains.”  

Charlotte Sjogren is retiring from a 20-year career in education, all at Highland Elementary.  For the last four years, she has taught third grade. She also taught fourth grade for 11 years and was a Special Education aide for 5 years.  her retirement plans include spending time with my family, playing with my grandkids,  and enjoying any other adventures that come her way.  Her words of wisdom for new teachers:  “You make a difference in each child’s life.  You may not see it now, but know that you are important to them.”

Shelly Slack is a 23-year career educator. She says she has taught all subjects during her career but most of her years were teaching fifth grade math. She taught at Lakeside Learning Center before moving to La Mesa. Shelly says she has no plans for retirement except to relax and adjust to life without a room  of 22 young people.  Her words of encouragement to new teachers: “Always remember that you are NOT just a teacher of a subject, but a molder of minds and hearts!” 

Vickie Webb is retiring from a 20-year career as an educator, 19 of those years at Highland Elementary. Vickie began her career as an assistant then teacher in math and business at Hale Center ISD where she worked for one year.  After joining Plainview ISD, she taught first, fourth, and is currently teaching second grade at Highland. Her retirement plans are to enjoy family, friends and her eight, soon to be nine grandchildren. She also wants to do more gardening. Her words of encouragement to new teachers: “Teaching is one of those things you either love or hate.  For the children’s sake, let it be the thing you love!”

Wesly Woods is retiring from the PISD Service Center. For the last 15 years, he has worked in pest control management and ground maintenance district-wide. His retirement plans are to spend more time with the grandkids and to finish building “our little house on the farm.”

Sharon Wright is retiring from the position of Executive Director for Curriculum and Instructional Services, completing a 39-year career in education.  She joined Plainview ISD 35 years ago and taught at Highland Elementary, Hillcrest Elementary, Edgemere Elementary,  and Ash 6th Grade Learning Center.  She served one year as the district middle school curriculum coordinator before being named  principal of  La Mesa Elementary, a role she held for 19 years until accepting her current position five years ago.  Sharon says her list of retirement plans grows longer everyday, but her top priorities are piano lessons with grandchildren, cooking school and reading. She will be working closely with the National Distinguished Principal process for the state of Texas through TEPSA, the state affiliate of the National Association of Elementary Principals. Community involvement is also at the top of her list and she plans to volunteer at Covenant Hospital, return to her church choir and be more actively involved with Wayland and the Lions Club. Lastly, she plans on pursuing a career in real estate with Wright Realty and Design because she genuinely wants to help people see what a blessing it is to call Plainview home.  Her brief words of wisdom: “The relationships you form with your students, your colleagues, and parents are something to be cherished. Every remind yourself that you may be ‘the light’ in a child’s life, no matter their grade level.  Never forget the power you hold to change a student’s life and their future, literally forever.  Those words can be enough to keep you going when things get hard for you.”

Also retiring in the 2017-2018 school year were teachers Janet Cunningham, Malinda Gerber, Barbara Ramirez, and Karen Trudeau.